Yoga of Relationships

The essence of relationships is connection, and so is the essence of yoga.

Yoga wisdom helps us understand various layers of each other’s personality and connect at a deeper, steadier and wiser level.

Understand four factors that affect our relationships – situations, words, association and emotions – and how to manage them.


• Situations: How to judge without becoming judgmental

• Words: How words hurt – and when to let them pass

• Association: What sabotages relationships – and how to avoid it

• Emotions: When to forgive and how

Speaker: Chaitanya Charan

About the Speaker

Chaitanya Charan: Mentor, monk, speaker

  • Author of 25 books on applied mindfulness and purposeful living
  • Invited speaker at TEDx, World Peace Conference, UNESCO, Intel, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Harvard, MIT, and Cambridge.
  • Gives 400 talks across 100 cities in 4 continents every year
  • Author of nearly 3500 daily inspirational meditations on Bhagavad-gita that are read by thousands all over the world.

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