Weight Loss & Physical Fitness Online Course

A unique Integrated Online program which is not a typical weight loss program, where the only focus is on loosing weight, but this is a health and fitness enhancement course which will equip you with a healthy lifestyle and holistic understanding & knowledge of staying fit and active irrespective of what your weight is.

This online program will be conducted
by Anmol, Head Teacher, Govardhan School of Yoga.

Participants will learn

1- About the Various Systems


2-Types of Training

-Resistance Training
-Cardio- Vascular Training

3-Resistance Training

– Body Weights
-Resistance Bands
-Isometric Exercises

4- Cardio Training

-Brisk or Long walking
-Plyometric Exercises
-Surya Namaskar(pacey)


-Yoga Asanas
-Partner Stretching
-Props Stretching

6- Fat loss is not weight loss

– Feeding muscles is what causes fat loss
-Microtrauma to big size muscles
-Caloric deficit
-Metabolism cheat Diet
-Intermittent Fasting

7- Yoga

– A way of Life
– A Balanced Lifestyle

No. of session – 8

For Details & Clarification whatsapp- +91 89280 73812

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