POST COVID CARE – Restoring Health With Yogic Practices 

Just recovered from COVID-19? Now get your health back with easy & scientifically recommended yoga practices
Recovery process can be slow because the body may feel immensely exhausted. You might have been advised to eat well and get your immunity system and nutrition levels back on track.
At Govardhan School of Yoga, we care, Both stress management and restoring the lungs’ function should be the focus of the yoga practice post-Covid-19. But, are you wondering if you are doing the correct practise or if you are enough motivated or energised for disciplined self-practice?
Join our team of experts to guide & support you towards your recovery with various restorative movements, stretching and most importantly proper breathwork not too intense but help you move the body gently in different directions & help open up the airways and get the circulation going throughout the body, which will help you feel energized.

Post COVID recovery class sequence will include:

  • Restorative movements & Asanas for strength & enhance mobility.
  • Selective Breathwork & Pranayama to improve lung capacity & energy levels.
  • Relaxation techniques for Stress management and faster bounce back.
  • Nature cure therapy for deeper healing & Dietary Recommendation.
  • Constant support group & sharing circles to check on your recovery progress.
The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us many important lessons and one of them to take up to a healthy lifestyle.
Take a step towards your wellness and join us.

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