Natural Creams

About the course –  In this course you will learn professional recipes for high quality facial and body creams, which will be a thousand times better for your skin and the environment. Making your own natural lotions and cream is wonderful as you know exactly what is going in the recipe (no nasties!) and you can chose the vegetable and essential oils which will be most suitable for your skin type.

What you’ll learn – how to make natural lotions, creams and body butters

Meet the Instructor – Iris Kuhnlein has a master degree in Environment and Sustainable Development from UCL, London. She is interested in the transition towards more sustainable lifestyles, herbalism and DIY products. She has been working at the Govardhan Ecovillage since 2018 as sustainability specialist and faculty member of the Govardhan School of Sustainability.

Course Syllabus/Curriculum

·         Advantages of making your own lotion and creams

·         Basic ingredients and their purposes

·         Basic equipment  

·         Detailed demonstration of procedure

·         Different formulas

·         Recipes for

o   Daily use rejuvenating facial cream

o   Facial cream for mature skin

o   Moisturizing Repellent lotion

o   Nourishing herbal cream for hand and body

o   Body butter for very dry skin

How to make a body cream?

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