Journaling for inner growth & innovation – Foundation Course

Journaling for inner growth & innovation – Foundation Course

Appreciate how words can be used as tools not just for expressing your thoughts but also for discovering your thoughts
Be introduced to various formats of journaling so that you find whichever works best for you. Use journaling to get to know yourself better and know which parts of you need to be made better and which parts of you need to be used better to get in greater touch with your emotions so that their extreme expressions amid life’s upheavals don’t catch you unawares

Explore the exciting relationship between journaling and spiritual growth, whereby both can inform and improve each other.
Discern the kind of self-talk that goes on inside you and direct it more creatively and constructively. Learn warning signs that indicate journaling might become a tool for self-indulgence or self-obsession

Journaling is your second chance at living: By reviewing our life’s events and our mind’s emotions, we rise from having experiences to becoming experienced.
Identify your mind’s unhealthy narratives: Some negative things — outer or inner — affect us much more than other negative things. Analyzing them exposes the stories that our mind uses to sabotage us.
Create your own healthy narratives: By drawing on the inexhaustible spiritual resources within us, we can energize ourselves with a meaningful purpose.

Course Instructor- Chaitanya Charan

Course fees – Rs 750 only

Video 1 – Day 1
Video 2 – Day 2
Video Day – Day 3

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