Growing through grief

1. Understanding grief: When we endure loss of loved ones, grief can leave us agonized, paralyzed, hopeless. Grief can degenerate into endless lamenting that saps the life out of us and those around us. Or grieving can be a healthy natural process that leads to emotional closure and inner healing.

2. Processing grief: To begin closure and healing, we need to find a sense of meaning and purpose that both acknowledges the severity of our loss and affirms our capacity for resilience. The spiritual wisdom tradition of India helps us see both our loss and our life itself in an expansive, empowering new light.

3. Outgrowing grief: Amid grief, spirituality can not only light our path with timeless wisdom but also warm our heart with the love of the Divine. We learn to see all our relationships as opportunities for mutual spiritual evolution – an evolution that can go on even through the greatest of losses.

Learn from narratives that show how scriptural characters faced loss:
•  How Dhritarashtra and Gandhari faced the loss of their sons – Dealing with anger
•  How Sugriva faced the loss of Vali – Dealing with guilt
•  How Arjuna faced the loss of Abhimanyu – Dealing with helplessness

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