4G- Golden Glimpses of Gita Gyana.

This course has been crafted as The Bhagavad Gita has long been hailed as the essence of all Vedic wisdom. This one book presents the philosophical essence of all the Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas and more. But in our current hectic life we are busy in so many other activities that many times we can hardly take out time to read or understand the Gita. In this course 4G – A Humble attempt is made to make the Knowledge of  Gita Simpler , Easy to understand , Practical & offer take home message which Gita is offering.
 What you’ll learn – 
1. Understanding the Glories of the Bhagavad Gita & its applications.
2. Golden keys/ Principles which Gita is teaching us.
3. How to Deal with Provoking situation of life & tackle problems based on the ancient wisdom of Gita.
4.How  Gita is very practical even in todays day & age.
Language – English
Instructor – Anant Raghav Das
 *Meet the instructor-*
Anant Raghav Das is currently a  resident monk in the Govardhan Ecovillage. he joined Full time at Iskcon Chowpatty in 2009 & then moved to Govardhan eco village in 2010.He has done his post graduation in commerce & economics from Mumbai University & has also worked with corporates like Aptech computers, Reliance energy etc before being a full time member with ISKCON.
He  takes care of guest reception & hospitality in the eco village since the beginning of Govardhan Eco village & apart from this He gives wisdom talk on lifestyle principle, values, culture, spirituality on  the basis of Bhagavad Gita in a to a variety of  audience of Indian, westerners, students, yoga groups, corporates. he has done few corporate programs in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai.
Currently he also heads Events management at Ecovillage wherein he organizes events for devotees & newcomers. He is also a faculty for Govardhan school of yoga 1 month TTC course.
Apart from this he is also known for his melodious kirtans & bhajans.

Lesson – 1
Lesson – 2
Lesson – 3

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