Gardening Workshop

Gardening teaches us important life skills like patience, endeavor , responsibility and creativity. It is a joyful activity which improves our mental & physical health
Covid -19 has taught us the importance and need for self sufficiency. On occasion of World Environment day we are presenting 6 gardening workshops in the month of June for beginners and advance practitioners to start gardening individually and locally from the comforts of one’s home.
You will Learn 
-How flower plants can beautify your living places
-Growing conditions for flower plants
-Ideal soil structure for flower plants to thrive
-Know if your plants like sun, shade, or both alternatively?
-Identify flowering plants that stay green all year round
Live demonstration Topics:
-Ideal soil mix
This online workshop is for those who want to learn how to grow their own fresh vegetables in their window grills, balconies or terraces, organically. 
Groups of vegetables like leafy vegetables, root crops, creepers etc are covered which is Ideal for homes with windows/balconies/terraces receiving 3-4 hrs of sunlight.
Online workshop contents:
1. Understanding Sunlight and seasons
2. Choosing the right vegetables
3. All about soil, pots and manure
4. Seed Sowing, transplanting and care.
5. Trouble shooting
Video Demonstrations:
Seed sowing
Meet the Instructor  –
Meghana Mehta has honors degree in Economics from Calcutta University, India.  She believes in healthy life and the need to have non- toxic environment.
She believes that the need of hour is sustainability.  Sustainability means, not to  overexploit natural resources for our greed. Not going for luxury expensive plants from Nurseries, but to start making soil and food in our home.
She has been conducting urban farming/gardening workshops for kids and adults.
Farming experience 
3 years Hands on Organic farming experience on farmland (2000-2003), measuring 500 hectares. Handling farmers team of 20 full time permanent workers ;Wherein worked on growing exotic vegetables (colored peppers – capsicum— broccoli-cherry tomatoes-vanilla etc)in organic greenhouse environment ; Organic Kesar mangoes Amla and other fruits and vegetables  and export of the same etc

Date : 23 and 24th April, 2022

Timing: 5:30 to 6:30 pm IST

Course fees : Rs 500

Session 1
Session 2

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